MAC Ramadan Quest 2024

Lets Race to Goodness!

Assalamu Alikum!

We are excited to kick off the Ramadan Quest for 2024!

We have an amazing competition and more chances to WIN this year for children aged 7 to 14!!

Registration Package includes:

  1. Welcome Ramadan Workshop 
    1. Location:
    2. Date:
  2. Two Weeks of Challenges that will keep you hooked.
    1. Each week participants will get multiple challenges to complete by the end of Ramadan. The challenges vary from physical tasks that will require participants to go outside and provide a picture and/or video of the task being completed, to creative tasks like drawing, writing or creating something using household items. 
    2. All challenges will be posted on Google Classrooms, in which participants will receive an invitation within the ‘Welcome Email’ that will be sent out by the first night of Ramadan. This email will also contain submission instructions.
  3. Tahajjud & Awards Ceremony. Details of the event to be announced later in Ramadan!  

Remember, even though the prizes are really cool, the real prize is with Allah SWT, so always have a good and sincere intention when you complete each of the challenges to earn Allah SWT’s reward.

Registration has closed for the Ramadan Quest 2024. Thank you for your interest. We wish you a blessed Ramadan!